Willowtech blending technology has been employed for more than 40 years to assure the thorough, uniform blending of bulk materials in a variety of industries - from food processing, bakeries and confectioneries, to chemical, fertilizer and pharmaceutical manufacturing, to sludge stabilization, and composting operations.

Willowtech Plow Blenders are horizontal mixing chambers, having plow-shaped blending elements mounted on a powerfully driven shaft. Rotating at a high speed, the plow elements divide, mix, back-mix and redivide materials thousands of times a second to yield a thorough, uniform blend with reliable consistency. Capable of operating at a peripheral speed of approximately 1,000 feet per minute, Willowtech Plow Blenders can blend a 5,000:1 ratio of powders in 10 seconds without streaks or agglomerations. A thorough, uniform blend can be achieved within one minute.

Willowtech Plow Blenders are fabricated for strength, durability and trouble-free service. To handle a range of load conditions, various models are available with a variety of drives including direct gear motor drive, shaft-mounted reducers, gear motors and separate motors and gear reducers. Easy access to the interior of the mixing chamber enables unobstructed visual inspection and simplified cleaning of the unit.