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Recycled Ash or Fly Ash is one of the by-products of coal-fired power plants.  All recycled ash includes substantial amounts of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) and Calcium oxide (CaO).  This caustic ash is used in a slurry form, in conjunction with lime slurry, in dry or semi-dry FGD for SO2 and HCl removal.  


Recycled fly ash is particularly effective in these treatment methods due to its large contact surface area and high porosity.  These characteristics of fly ash help to reduce the lime consumption for dry FGD, thus reducing operating cost.

Recycled Ash Systems are similar to the other chemical storage and treatment systems but also include several other types of equipment specific to the handling and wetting of recycled ash. 

  • Dry Ash Fluidizing System includes low-pressure (7 to 15 PSI) positive displacement blowers or air compressors, air heaters and fluidizing air injectors.


  • Rotary Airlock Feeder with variable frequency drive


  • Dry Ash, Pre-Wetting Feed Chamber

  • Slurry Grit Separation Vibratory Screen

  • Slurry Density Control System - Typically a nuclear density meter or in-line volume measuring density meter depending on customer preference or available permitting for the project. 

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