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Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) Systems are primarily used by water treatment plants on either a full time basis or as needed for taste and odor control or removal of organic chemicals. PAC can be fed as a powder using dry feed equipment or as a slurry.  Dry feed systems are typically used for smaller dosages, which is an ideal application for Chemco's Bulk Bag Un-Loader system if a smaller system is desired, while slurry systems are normally used when PAC is frequently added and the required dosages are high. 

PAC slurry systems can be arranged using two different type of wetting and conveying methods.  The first is the use of a slurry mixing tank with metering pumps.  With the alternative option of feeding the dry PAC into a wetting cone that discharges to the suction connection on a slurry eductor.  This eductor, using high motive water pressure, pulls in the PAC slurry through the eductor suction and conveys it to the point of application.  The selection of equipment is dependent on the project specified feed rates and concentration requirements.  Chemco's engineering team will work closely with the system design engineer or customer to understand their project's specific needs to ensure that we deliver a system that meets their expectations.


PAC systems can also be utilized in industrial applications to remove heavy metals in flue gas applications.  This is typically done by utilizing loss-in-weight dosing systems and pneumatic conveying carbon delivery equipment and controls.  

These systems normally include:

  • Air fluidization system including air compressor, dryer, instrumentation and controls.

  • Rotary Airlock Feeder 

  • Loss-in-weight feeder, feed hopper, and controls (as required).

  • Silo skirted interior can be designed as needed to meet National Electric Code (NEC) Class II, Division 2, Group F hazardous location requirements.

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