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Chemco's pneumatic conveying silo systems allow our customers additional onsite storage to meet the treatment demands of their systems.  Pneumatic conveying systems can be configured in either a single or dual cone discharge with each equipment train consisting of a rotary airlock feeder with storage hopper, pneumatic transfer pick-up tee, pneumatic blower and the associated valving/piping.  These systems can be utilized for municipal plants for transfer of material to various day bins or a chemical feed silo system.  Within the industrial sector, these have been utilized for dry sorbent injection systems for additional onsite material storage. 


The pneumatic transfer control panel is located within the silo skirt to allow for easy system control for the plant operators.  Pneumatic transfer systems can be customized to include automated isolation and diverter valves to simplify the operation of the material transfer from one silo to another. 

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