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Chemco paste slakers cover a wide range of feed rates. Depending on your demand, Chemco can offer slakers ranging from 500 lb/hr to 8,000 lb/hr.

Water and lime are proportionally delivered at a 2:1 ratio when the machine is started forming a paste within the slaking chamber, which is electronically monitored. Water is then automatically metered as required to ensure proper viscosity. Internal paddles provide the proper degree of mixing, ensuring the paste is thoroughly blended and moved toward the discharge weir. Lime paste then exits the slaking chamber over the discharge weir. Paste is diluted in the discharge chamber before exiting the machine.


The slaking chamber is equipped with a dust and vapor removal system, which prevents the escape of steam generated by the exothermic reaction. This prevents steam from migrating up into the dry lime feed chute. After exiting the paste slaker, slurry can be directed into an inclined grit removal chamber or a vibrating screen classifier.

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