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Chemco detention slakers cover a wide range of feed rates. Depending on your demand, Chemco can offer slakers ranging from 250 lb/hr to 50,000 lb/hr.

Pebble lime is typically delivered to the slaker reaction chamber by a rotary feeder, with a weigh belt feeder being a material feed option. A water control panel including modulating valve, flow meter, solenoid valves, hand valves and pressure reducing valve are supplied with each slaker. Slaking water, dilution water and spray water are metered into the slaker by the water control panel. The slaker reaction chamber is equipped with an agitator. The agitator vigorously mixes the water and quicklime continuously into heavy slurry. Vigorous mixing allows the calcium oxide (quicklime) to react with the water to form calcium hydroxide

(hydrated lime).

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