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Chemco offers both standard & customizable chemical storage and treatment systems.  These systems are highly configurable, allowing our sales & engineering team to work closely with the customer to provide the appropriate system that meets the project specification while delivering on the client’s vision for functionality and operability. 


Chemco is able to provide an unparalleled level of quality assurance and dependability as we are the only silo system manufacturer that engineers, fabricates, and tests the complete system within our own facility.  Each system is designed from scratch by a mechanical project manager, who determines and sizes the appropriate equipment based on the specific project requirements.  All silos 15'-0" in diameter or smaller are fabricated horizontally at our facility in Monongahela, Pa and then erected to allow for the setting of equipment.  Equipment installation is performed by our experienced fabrication team and involves the placement of all the feeders, tanks, mixers, pumps, control panels, valving, and associated water/air/electrical piping. Our one-stop-shop fabrication method gives us an unparalleled level of project oversight and ensures that we deliver the best product on the market to our customers. 

Silo systems can include any of the below items depending on project requirements or customer requests.  Chemco’s silo systems are able to integrate project specific multi-level access platforms, stair towers, spiral staircases, multi-silo crosswalk platforms, ladder systems, intermediate landing platforms, and other custom features to provide preferred access to any part of the silo.  Silos can be fabricated in various configurations to meet the project design, whether it be a fully skirted or leg-supported silo. Any silo greater than 15'-0" in diameter require field assembly due to shipping constraints and regulations. Chemco does offer silo and equipment field installation upon request. 

  • Storage Silo

    • Factory Assembled – Sizes range from 8’-0” up to 15’-0” in diameter.  Shipping regulations and obstacles determine the limit of the overall width, height and weight of shipments.  Factory assembled systems can be shipped in one piece or in sections depending on the silo height and weight.

    • Field Welded or Field Bolted - Sizes range from 16'-0'' to 36'-0'' in diameter.  Partially assembled parts, rolled plate and steel structure are shipped to the construction site on standard flat bed trailers.


  • Pneumatic silo-fill pipe and NEMA 4X operator station.  Optionally, Chemco can design systems to interface with the customers loading system.


  • Dry product level monitoring devices.  Point level, continuous level, and/or 3D mapping devices are available.


  • Roof-mounted dust collector (bin vent) for improving the quality of air that is exhausted from the silo during the material filling process. 

    • Pulse-Jet Type - ​Removes dust particles that have accumulated on the surface of the filter cartridge by injecting high-pressure, compressed air, through a venturi, into the top of the filter cartridge to drop the dust particles back into the storage silo. 

    • Mechanical Shaker Type - Removes dust particles that have accumulated on the surface of the filter cartridge by mechanically shaking the cartridges to drop the dust particles back into the storage silo. This unit is preferred when compressed air is not readily available. 

    • A differential pressure transmitter is optional for indicating filter cartridge replacement. 

  • Bin Activator to mechanically induce the continuous flow of stored material within the silo to the desired system feeder.

  • Bin Aerators to promote the flow of the stored material within the silo to the desired system feeder .  Aerators are strategically located on the lower portion of the silo discharge cone and direct mini-pulses of air between the material and the discharge cone.  Bin Aerators are preferred over a Bin Activator when there is a high risk of material packing due to the vibrations of the Bin Activator. 


  • Chemical Feed Mechanism

    • Volumetric Screw Feeder with inverter-duty drive motor and variable frequency drive.  Screw feeder designed to include conditioning ribbon, feeder vibrator, or screw plows based on the material. Feed accuracy of +/- 2%. 

    • LIW Screw Feeder - Installed on isolation weigh deck with re-fill rotary feeder and independent feed hopper.  Re-fill feeder is energized by low and high weight signals by the system control panel. Feed accuracy of +/- 0.5%. 

    • Rotary Feeder - rotary valve for metering & feeding applications. 

    • Non-Flooding Weigh Belt Feeder - Integrated rotary valve and weigh belt system capable of feeding material  with an accuracy of +/- 0.5%. 


  • Integral or stand-alone storage tank complete with all level monitoring devices, agitator, inspection hatch, isolation valves, drain/overflow piping, and required nozzles.  Designed and fabricated in accordance with AWWA or API standards.


  • Slurry/Solution feed pumps as specified.


  • All piping, valves and instrumentation.  


  • Local system control panel complete with programmable logic controller (PLC) including in-house engineered, pre-programmed system logic. All systems are factory tested to the greatest possible extent before leaving the factory.  Alternately, Chemco will provide I/O interface points and control logic diagram to interface with the customer supplied SCADA or DCS.

    • Control panel enclosures can be designed to meet job specifications & standards (NEMA4, 4X, 9, 12, etc. ) and can be certified as UL508A. ​


  • All skirted silo systems are provided with ventilation fans, heaters and lighting.  Silo skirted interior is insulated. 

Chemco can provide skilled field engineers and technicians for startup service and operator training.  These experienced technicians also work on the back-end to provide on-going technical support as well as assistance with plant upgrades and replacement parts.  

This silo system description identifies the most common types of components, but Chemco has the capabilities to engineer and integrate custom solutions to meet your particular process. Please feel free to contact us through our website portal to request additional information or speak with a salesperson about your unique vision for a silo treatment system.


Standard warranty period runs 12 months after system startup, not to exceed 18 months from shipment.  Extended warranty can be negotiated before the award of a contract.  Standard warranty is limited to the supply of parts only.  Contact a Chemco representative for additional information.


As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), all spare parts can be purchased directly from Chemco for any piece of equipment provided within the system.

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