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Roto-Dip Volumetric Fluid Feeder

Chemco batch slakers cover a wide range of feed rates. Depending on your demand, Chemco can offer slakers ranging from 250 lb/hr to 6,000 lb/hr.

The Batch Slaker employs Chemco’s proven temperature control operating philosophy to deliver consistent high-quality hydrated lime without the need for precise and complicated weighing devices. Temperature control of the slaking process has proved, over many years of experience, to be the most reliable method of ensuring consistent hydrated lime particle size and greatly increases system efficiency. Because of the over-all increased efficiency, operating costs are reduced. Water is added to the batch slaker by the water control panel. A proportional amount of Quicklime is than added to the slaker. An agitator mixes the lime and water throughout the entire batch process. When the slurry reaches the proper temperature it is diluted to the desired consistency. The slaker is then drained to storage. The slaker is then flushed to clean it and to achieve the final desired slurry consistency in the storage tank. This completes a batch and the slaker is then ready to prepare another batch of slurry.